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Bernina Designer Plus Software V8.2

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In stock

BERNINA embroidery software lets you design, manipulate, embroider and quilt with the greatest precision – the ultimate in design freedom.

The Bernina Designer Plus V8.0 
BERNINA embroidery software lets you design, manipulate, embroider and quilt with the greatest precision – the ultimate in design freedom.

Compatible with windows 7-10

Automatic digitizing of artwork
The practical BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 8 allows you to automatically digitize artwork in a wide range of formats, so that it can be edited on-screen before being stitched out. Thanks to the BERNINA Embroidery Software V8, scanned drawings, pixel images or design sketches are all a cinch to use as artwork for your embroidery creations. No prior technical knowledge of file formats is required to use this automatic digitizing function – the embroidery software automatically converts all artwork into the right format for your embroidery machine. Turn artwork from a number of popular graphic formats into embroidery with just a simple mouse click. No experience required, it doesn’t get any easier!

Design and embroider monograms
The BERNINA embroidery software gives you the freedom to design and edit elegant monograms. No longer are you dependent on templates, or on the embroidery designs of others. Create and alter monograms and personalized labels however you wish. Provide them with attractive frames, ornaments, and edges, and embroider it all precisely with your BERNINA. The embroidery software allows you complete freedom with the creative design. Your sewing and embroidery projects bear your own individual and distinctive signature, like an original work of art. 

Embroider attractive “carved stitch” effects
Embroider magical relief effects that look as if they’ve been carved. Create delightful patterns that reflect the light in different ways, lending sophisticated textures to your embroidery. You’ll be thrilled with the impressive, professional-looking results achieved thanks to the your BERNINA embroidery machine’s precise stitch formations. Creating designs with “carved stitch” effects is simplicity itself. Simply select the desired place and add the “carved” effect – accomplished with great precision by the embroidery software. 

Design outline effects
The unique Outline feature in the BERNINA embroidery software lets you instantly add attractive borders and outlines to your embroidery designs.
The outline function places a number of outline stitches at your disposal – simply select the one you want with a click of your mouse. It’s child’s play to create a design outline that precisely follows the outline of your embroidery motif. With just a few simple mouse clicks, the BERNINA embroidery software provides accurate, attractive outlines for your designs.

Free-hand drawing made easy
The BERNINA Embroidery Software V8 features easy-to-use freehand-drawing tools that let you draw closed shapes, lines and dashes freehand, quickly and easily. Next,  simply select the desired outline or fill, and you’re done! Thanks to the BERNINA Embroidery Software V8, you can design charming motifs and effects and embroider them with your BERNINA embroidery machine with the utmost precision in next to no time. A powerful creative tool for the discerning who wish to transform their own ideas into high-quality embroideries.

New Features to version 8 

Now available on a USB stick, it includes an advanced range of great new features, including 3D effects, for unique surface embellishments.

Turn your favorite photo into embroidered eternity with the new Color PhotoStitch feature. The new 3D Globe Effect brings pattern fills to life while the incredible Couch- ing Effect plays with wool thread and embroidery in combination. Your monograms and letters clearly stand out with Puffy Lettering and the advanced CutWork functions gives your cut-outs outstanding results. Use the PunchWork and StumpWork options to add special effects in combination with embroidery.

The incredible software features are easy to use and navigate thanks to the updated user-friendly interface. The Positioning feature makes it easy to place designs in the right spot. Creating large designs is a cinch because of the Multi-hooping feature which auto- matically places more than one hoop for large designs. Palette positions are numbered for easy reference within the new Color Management system. And embroidering on quilts just got easier with the new Automated Quilt block layout feature. Whatever you imagine-you can do with the BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 DesignerPlus. Whether it’s applying special effects to artwork, adding text, shapes, freehand drawing elements or tracing bitmaps for unique multi-media projects. Easily turn artwork from various graphic formats into embroidery designs in just one click using the Automatic Digitizing tool. Preview your design on different article options. Embroidery has never been easier and more fun. 

Color PhotoStitch
Combine two creative passions: photography and embroidery
Take a picture and turn it into an incredible embroidery design
With automatic digitizing your picture is transferred into an easy-to-stitch-out embroidery design - with one click

3D Globe Effect
Create an incredible spherical look with the 3D Globe Effect
Turn your flat embroidery into a 3D design only by visual illusion

Create special embroidered effects with yarns, cords, wool etc. in combination with classic stitching
These sculptured threads stand out on your design for stunning effects and textures

Set the design worksheet and add the template to your preview
Move and rotate the design within hoop
Use the advanced print preview options
Use hoop template and basting stitch markers for exact positioning

Automatically places hoops to cover the entire design, fitting as many objects as possible into each hoop position
Preview hooping sequence
Save as complete design or as separate multi-hooping machine files

Color Management
Color Wheel features various options
Chosen colors are tagged with a blue marker
Hide or show unused colors in the palette
Easy to pick a color
New Thread Docker makes it easy to select your choice of thread brands
Horizontal or vertical layout

Automated Quilt Block Layout
Automatic quilt background stitching used to create echo quilting, scroll quilting, or stipple-filled quilt blocks
Quilt block sizing and positioning aids

Integrated Embroidery Library
Better and more powerful search engine
Quicker access to all designs and improved design management
Easier to browse, group and search for designs

User-friendly Interface and Improved Features
Enhanced, intuitive and easy-to-manage toolboxes and dockers
Choice between small or large icons for a perfect view
Tool names can be displayed if desired
More than one design can be opened at a time, easy switching between designs via design tabs 


What’s under the hood?
Our cutting-edge software is equipped with numerous innovative functions and features. Here, we provide you with an overview of what your preferred software is capable of, and tell you all about the advantages of the BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.2.


BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.2 DesignerPlus - New Features


General Features
Embroidery Library with search capability
Separate folder for designs and machine files
New thread charts added
New Benartex fabrics added
USB stick for software installation
Product key for software activation


Hoop templates for design positioning
BERNINA E16 hoops included


Three-Dimensional (3D) Designs


Thread Palette Selection
My Threads docker


Automatic kerning for distinctive fonts


Monogram Template Designs


Edit and Customize
Layout to Work Area / Quilt Block
Copy and apply object properties
Duplicate with or without offset
Array and Reflect Mirror Merge tools
Knife tool to cut filled objects
Basting Stitch Marker and Graphic Markers


View Designs
Design tabs
Hoop templates
Show Work Area / Quilt Block
Travel toolbar
Design grouped, when opened


Edit Stitch Functions
Always tie-off and trim


Cut buttonhole slit


Create Appliqué with CutWork


Stitch Effects
3D Globe Effect for pattern fills
Elastic Fancy Fill
Alternating Pattern Fills
Quilting Backgrounds


Stitch Types (Fills and Outlines)
Sculptured Run Outline
Zigzag Outline


Auto Digitizing
Color PhotoStitch
Magic Wand Block Digitizing
Magic Wand Fill without Holes
Magic Wand Centerline Trace
Selectable Magic Wand color matching methods


Save designs in the all new V8 ART format


Other Features
Right-click menu for object editing
Feedback Reporter to report software issues



Full Features List 


General Features 
Windows® 7, 8 and 10 compatible
Intel-based Mac with Bootcamp, and Windows® 7 or later
Automatic updates
CorelDRAW® Essentials X6 included
Interactive onscreen manual
Toggle between inches and metric system
Built-in designs - 596
NEW Embroidery Library with search functionality 
NEW Separate folder for designs and machine files 
NEW Thread charts added
NEW Benartex fabrics added
NEW USB stick for software installation
NEW Product key for software activation
IMPROVED User-friendly interface
IMPROVED Easy-to-identify large color icons 


Machine, hoop and foot selection with realistic display (improved)
NEW Hoop templates for design positioning 
IMPROVED Create your own hoop sizes 
IMPROVED Enhanced multi-hooping function 
NEW BERNINA E 16 hoops included 

Three-Dimensional (3D) Designs
NEW Couching

NEW CutWork
Trapunto and raised satin embroidery 
3D Puffy lettering  

Built-in embroidery fonts - 99
Lettering overlay removal
Baseline options
Alignment tools
Elastic lettering
NEW Automatic kerning for distinctive TrueType Fonts
Kerning letters
Reshape individual letters
Change individual letter colors
TrueType and OpenType fonts
Font selection

Monogram template designs
Advanced monogramming
Create monogram borders

Edit and Customize
NEW Layout to work area/quilt block
NEW Copy and apply object properties
NEW Duplicate with or without offset
NEW Array and reflect mirror image and merge tools
NEW Knife tool for cutting
NEW Basting stitch marker and graphic markers
Combine designs and lettering objects
Toggle between fill and outline
Change stitch types
Selection tool
Break apart including lettering
Rescale designs
Group and ungroup objects
Polygon select tool
Stitch edit
Add multiple stitch angles
Reshape and align objects
Mirror image and merge tools
Wreath and kaleidoscope tools
Color film
Object list
Sequence by selects
Rescale graphics in Artwork & Embroidery canvas mode 
Add and fill holes
Quick clone

View Designs
NEW Design tabs
NEW Show work area/quilt block
NEW Travel toolbar
IMPROVED Stitch player
IMPROVED Background and display colors
Design is grouped when inserted; ungrouped when opened
Rulers and guides
Artistic view
Design overview window
Zoom tools
Show/hide stitches and object outlines
View by color
IMPROVED Style preview
IMPROVED Fabric display
Thumbnail design preview

Design buttonholes
NEW Cut buttonhole slits

NEW Create appliqué with CutWork
Advanced and auto appliqué
Remove appliqué overlaps

Stitch Effects
NEW 3D Globe Effect for pattern fill
NEW Elastic Fancy Fill
NEW Alternating pattern fills
NEW Quilting backgrounds
IMPROVED Automatic corners
IMPROVED Outlines and offsets Calligraphy
Pattern stamp
Color blending
Textured-edge fill
Wave fill

Stitch Types (Fills and Outlines)
Step fill
Satin and special satin
Raised satin
Fancy fill
Sculptured fancy fill
Ripple stitch fill
Contour fill
Lacework fill
Cross stitch fill
Stipple fill
Create pattern fills
Single and triple outline
Backstitch and stemstitch outline
NEW Sculptured run outline
NEW Zigzag outline
Blanket outline
Pattern run outlines
Candlewicking outlines

Artistic Design
ART strokes (Artwork canvas mode)
Artwork included 
Quick trace (Artwork canvas mode)
Link to graphics programs
Multiple graphic formats supported
Defined drawing shapes (Artwork canvas mode)
Add text (Artwork canvas mode)
Smart drawing tool (Artwork canvas mode)
Freehand drawing tool (Artwork canvas mode) 

Auto Digitizing
NEW Color PhotoStitch
IMPROVED Auto-digitizing tool
Automatic outlines and borders
Magic wand
NEW Magic wand block digitizing
NEW Magic wand fill without holes
NEW Magic wand center line trace
NEW Selectable magic wand color matching methods 

New from template

Freehand embroidery tools (Embroidery canvas mode)
Manual and block-digitizing tools
Shape tools 

IMPROVED Open and save designs in multiple formats 

NEW Save designs in the all new V8 ART and EMB format
Save design as image 

Other Features
NEW Right-click menu for object editing
NEW Feedback Reporter to report software issues
IMPROVED Printed worksheet with machine runtime

Print your ART canvas
Direct machine connect with ADX
Data transfer via USB stick
Support and service 

BERNINA Cross Stitch
Cross stitch styles
Cross stitch orientation
Fabric count settings
Thread count
Thread charts
Auto cross stitch
Flood fill
Magic wand
Manual digitizing tools
Rubber stamp
Auto select tool
Mirror image
Scan artwork
Cut, copy, paste and duplicate

Quilt design program
Printable reference information
Preview appliqué and embroidery placement on quilt blocks
Extensive block library
Block editor
Block layout: set individual block sizes

Diamond block layout
Border layout
Mirror and rotate blocks
Fabric and color palettes

Customize fabric library
Lock function for whole quilt, embroidery and appliqué Alignment tools
Copy, cut and paste functions 

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