Juki Machine Serving and Repairs


We offer high-quality expert machine servicing on all our Juki machines. This includes our Juki mechanical machines, computerised machines, Long Arm machines, overlockers and Air-Jet overlockers.


All repairs come with a 6 month guarantee


Juki Machine Servicing Price List




Mechanical Machines                                                        £95.00


12Z, 27Z, 353Z, Alfa Prctik 9



Computerised Machines                                                   £110.00


H60, H70, H80, G120, G220



Computerised Machines                                                           £125.00


DX3, DX5, DX7


Longer Arm Machines                                                            £145.00


NX7, UX8


Straight Stitch Machines                                                            £115.00


TL98-P, 2200QVPmini



Overlockers                                                                          £95.00


MO-644D, MO-654DE, MO-104D, MO-114D, MO-214D



Air-Jet Overlockers                                                            £115.00


MO-1000, MO-2000 QVP



Other Services

PAT Testing                                                                          £10.00


Free for 2 years on any machine purchased from us (£5.00 thereafter)



Minimum Charge for minor repair - £33.75



Need us to collect your machine?

If you have your original packaging (box and polystyrene inserts) we can arranage for your machine to be collected and re-delivered

 Additional  £35.00