Janome Sewing Accessories

Browse our wide range of Janome sewing accessories available online at Frank Nutt Sewing Machines. To locate the correct presser foot, part or accessory for your machine, match the model code below with your Janome machine to the model codes of the categories below.

For any questions or further information on any of our Janome sewing accessories use our on-page live chat services or call us on 0121 444 3978.

 Standard Machine Categories 

Category A - Front loading machines (5mm max stitch width - short shank) 
2200XT, 2300XT, 423S, J3-18, J3-20, J3-24 

Category B - Top loading machines (6.5mm - 7mm max stitch width - short shank) 
525S, CXL301, DKS30, DKS100, HD2200, XL601, DXL603, QXL605, TXL607 

Category C - Top loading machines (7mm max stitch width - high shank) 
Atelier 3, MC7700QCP, MC6600P

Category D - Top loading machines (9mm max stitch with - high shink) 
Atelier 5, Atelier 7, Atelier 9, MC15000, MC14000, MC12000, MC9400, MC9900, MC8900QCP, MC8900QCP SE, MC8200QCP, MC8200QCP SE 

Specialist Machines and Accessories 

AcuFeed/Dual Feed Machine 
Horizon Memory Craft 15000, 14000, 12000, 9400, 8900QCP, 8200QCP, 7700QCP
Memory Craft 6600P
Atelier 9, Atelier 7    

Straight Stitch only Machines
Memory Craft 1600P Series  

Felting Machines 
FM725, Xpression 

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