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Bernina Q24 - Small Frame

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The Bernina Long Arm Quilting Machine - Q24 Mounted on Small Frame (9')

To book a demonstration call us on 0121 444 3978

(Q-Matic not available for this frame size)

The BERNINA Q 24 is designed as a frame model machine with even more room for your largest projects. Its longarm provides even more space for large quilt designs and can be used in conjunction with one of the three available frames making all sizes of quilted projects a breeze. Each BERNINA frame has a stable monorail system, which provides precise, smooth, and light weight guidance of the quilting machine. Computer-aided quilting with the BERNINA Q-matic software is possible on the Large and Classic frames.

Unique Models

BERNINA offers various systems tailored to your needs. You can choose from the following:

– 20” sit-down model

– 24” or 20” model with 13’ frame (Large) – 24” or 20” model with 12’ frame (Classic) – 24” or 20” model with 9’ frame (Small) 

The dream of creating a machine simple enough for a beginner to master and robust enough for the professional is embodied in the BERNINA Q20 and Q24 Longarm machines. Easily complete quilts for others to love and appreciate the precision to compete with the best. What will you quilt with your Q Series quilting system? 

BERNINA is excited to share with you the fulfillment of a vision that was 120 years in the making. A long history of innovation blended with a wealth of quilting expertise is brought together in a machine that will meet the demands of discerning quilters everywhere. From the very first stitch, you will appreciate the thought behind every detail.Confidently finish your large quilt projects, explore art-quilting, or enter a quilt competition. BERNINA is the perfect partner for home or studio.  

Choose the BERNINA Q 24, if you want to realize the biggest quilting dreams you can imagine. Due to the simplicity of the machine and frame design this quilting system has the largest usable quilting space in the 24-inch category.

Perfect free-motion stitches
Achieve perfect stitches with the integrated BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulation
Keep the stitch length consistent at any speed
Stay flexible with three regulation modes
Simple customizing via the machine's touch screen
Precise sensing of machine/fabric movement with dual sensors

Unique user interface
Simple navigation via color touch screen
Totally customizable
Stitch counter, five user profiles, built-in tutorials and help functionalities

Easy threading and bobbin winding
Thoughtfully positioned spool holders and forward threading path are easy to reach and simple to follow
On-board bobbin winder (M Class bobbin) makes it convenient to wind coordinating bobbin threads for your projects, independent of machine operation

Unique programmable, fully adjustable handles
Fully, 8-way adjustable handles for your comfort
Quilt in your perfect position
Individually programmable buttons to Keep your frequently used functions at your fingertips

Unique digital tension control
Exclusive tension system with numeric tension settings making it very easy to use a wide range of thread types with success
No external tension assembly required
Presser foot tension release for threading ease

Fast and precise stitching
High speed precision stitching for hand-guided quilting with up to 2,200 stitches per minute
Complete more quilts more quickly than ever

Enhanced visibility
50 bright LED lights along the length of the machine and above the needle
Illuminate your quilt for enhanced visibility

Fully operated from the front
Dual handwheels (front and back) for easy manual needle positioning
Front handwheel is disengaged when using the electronic needle positioner

Main Features

Integrated bobbin winder
The on-board bobbin winder (M Class bobbin) makes it convenient to wind coordinating bobbin threads for your projects, independent of machine operation. 

Unique threading path
The well-positioned spool holders and forward threading path are easy to reach and simple to follow. 

Unique user interface
Machine settings and functions are controlled using an intuitive touch screen navigation system with integrated tutorials and help functionalities. 

The machine can be fully operated from the front. Dual handwheels (front and back) for easy manual needle positioning. Front handwheel is disengaged when using the electronic needle positioner. 

BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulation
Master hand-guided quilting quickly with the assistance of the integrated BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulator, available on sit-down and frame models. The BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulator is simple to activate and customizable using the machine’s touch screen. A manual mode with no stitch regulation is also available. 

Unique tension control
A BERNINA exclusive, electronically adjustable and numeric. Easily adjust thread tension and track settings for your favorite thread types and combinations, no external tension assembly required. 

Ergonomic handles
The 8-way, fully-adjustable handles, which are standard for the Q 24 frame model, place the most frequently used functions at your fingertips. 

LED lighting
50 bright LED lights along the length of the machine and above the needle illuminate the quilt for enhanced visibility. 

Rear handles and screen (optional)
Edge-to-edge pantograph-style quilt designs can be easily followed with the convenient rear handle system. Access control of the machine via the touch screen mounted to the back of the machine. 

Quiet running
Quiet gear mesh design and internal motor. High-speed sealer bearings require no oil maintenance. 

General Features
Throat space - 24" (610mm)

Color touch screen - 4.3" (109mm)
Illumination of the full length of the freearm 
Hook system - M Class Rotary Hook
Thread tension - Electronically/ digitally adjustable 
Presser foot lift - Electronic 
Upper thread break sensor 
BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulator functionality
Connection (basic) - USB
Connection (additional purpose) - HDMI
Update-able - Yes

Sewing Features
Sewing speed maximum - 2,200 SPM
Stitch length minimum - 1.05mm
Stitch length maximum - 25.4mm
User profiles -5

Bobbin Thread Indicator
On-board bobbin winder
Compatible with domestic machine needles
Compatible with BERNINA free-motion feet

Frame Features
For excellent quilting results, we have developed an ideal, high-quality frame, which is available in three different sizes (Large/Classic/Small). All three frames are constructed from anodized aluminum for a lightweight, yet sturdy frame that can handle the weight, size and speed of the BERNINA Longarm machines with ease. 

Adjustable foot pads for perfect leveling

Continuous X and Y axis track system with no joints
Angled tracks and wheel axles for accurate and smooth movement of the sew head to allow even quilting
Friction-free 16-wheel system
Leg system for maximum stability
Multi-step ratchet system for perfect fabric tension
Integrated latch system for maximum fabric holding power, yet easy release
Pivot pick-up of magnetically-secured top rail, which allows fabric separation to smooth batting
Dead bar for perfect fabric height no matter the length of your quilt
Large diameter rails eliminate rail flex when tensioning the quilt
Heavy duty canvas leaders with positioning markings for years of quilt loading ease
Pantograph tabletop to easily align your rolled patterns
4 bungee clamps to align every quilt to perfection
Convenient tool trays for your longarm quilting tools

Frame Size Information

Frame Large Classic Small
Size (Length x Depth 13'x3.9' (4.00x1.2,m) 12'x3.9' (3.60x1.2) 9'x3.9' (2.75x1.2m)
Leader 132" / 11' (ca. 3.36m) 120" / 10' (ca.3.07m) 83" / 6.9' (ca. 2.12m)
Adjustable Working height 35" to 47" (0.9 to 1.2m) 35" to 47" (0.9 to 1.2m) 35" to 47" (0.9 to 1.2m)
Total Weight 532 to 552 lbs (160 to 250 kg) 330 to 508 lbs (150 to 230 kg) 330 to 508 lbs (150 to 230 kg)
Number of Legs 6 6 4
Hydraulic lift Optional Optional N/A


Accesories Included
#9V Free Motion Foot
Two spool holders 
Metal Accesory Box 

This product will be made to order. It will be shipped and installed by a bernina specialist within 4-6 weeks of ordering. You will also recieve a days tuiton from a Bernina instructor over the machine has been set up. 


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