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Make an impact! 

The Pfaff Creative 4.5 Sewing and Embroidery Machine - Embroidery Unit Optional (Not included with machine)

Make an impact! 
Now is the ideal time to turn the ordinary into the extra­ ordinary. The PFAFF® Creative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine offers a range of impressive features and creative possibilities, as well as an incredible diversity of designs. Let one thing lead to another as you combine designs and then turn them into an in nite number of stunning creations with kaleidoscope effects. All you need to do is unleash your individuality and creativity to ignite the exclusive technology of the PFAFF® Creative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine. 

Spacious. Bright. Precise.
That is what the PFAFF® brand stands for. Discover a new freedom when sewing, the brilliance and clarity of the most modern technology, and more perfect results than ever before.

Mirroring your individuality through designs.
With the Basic Shape CreatorTM feature you can develop new creations with small embroideries and stitches, make your very own patterns and add kaleidoscope effects to your sewing and embroidery projects. All of these design elements can then be combined into new and unique patterns, mirroring each other into a multitude of styles, intricate designs and unique kaleidoscope creations.
270 high-quality designs are built-in on the PFAFF® creative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine along with three beautiful embroidery alphabets, each available in three different sizes. Create your own designs with the Basic Shape CreatorTM feature. You will be amazed by the possibilities and how easily these designs transform into one-of-a-kind re ections of your vision.  

Explore the world of stitchcraft.
The PFAFF® Creative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine has a vast range of built­in stitches that awaits you and if that's not enough you can even make your own!
With the PFAFF® Stitch CreatorTM feature you can design your own stitches or edit built-in stitches. Watch every step on the PFAFF® creativeTM Color Touch Screen. Vary the look with unlimited possibilities. 
The PFAFF® Creative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine has 480 built-in stitches all designed to fascinate and inspire, including a special selection of PFAFF® high-quality 9mm stitches and Maxi stitches, up to 48mm wide – unique embellishments, stitched perfectly.  

Precise Positioning.
The Precise Positioning feature enables you to place every single embroidery design exactly where you want it! It also allows you to easily match multiple hoopings to create embroideries of unlimited size. Excellent when creating extra-large embroideries such as this quilted bedspread or super-sized wall hangings.
The PFAFF® Creative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine also features an extra large embroidery area that supports the optional 360x350mm hoop. 

New creativeTM Color Touch Screen with Modern and Clear Graphical User Interface.
The wide viewing angle ensures great visibility from all points. The intuitive design is easy to understand. See stitches in actual size and embroidery designs in true color on the clear, high resolution screen – with bright color and high intensity for maximum precision and ease. 

Optimized bright lights illuminate the entire work area with no shadows. 

Enhance your sewing experience.
Choose from a wide range of different presser feet empowering you to carry out any creation or project! 

Sewing Features

The Original IDTTM System – Integrated Dual Feed only from PFAFF® for over 45 years! A PFAFF® exclusive feature that delivers absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and the bottom, and ensures perfect seams on all fabrics.

Stitch CreatorTM feature – Create new 9mm stitches or edit built-in stitches for unlimited creativity.

Unique New PFAFF® Sewing Techniques:
Developed exclusively for PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machines, these unique stitches will expand your creative potential. Patent pending.

    - Ribbon Stitches – New! Add dimensional elements to your decorative stitching with beautiful ribbon stitches. Narrow ribbons and trims are woven into these special stitches as you sew.
    - Stacking Stitches - Sew beautiful decorative stitches in two colors. The stacking stitches consist of pairs of stitches that are designed to be sewn on top of each other.

480 Stitches – Including a wide variety of 9mm decorative stitches and Maxi Stitches up to 48mm wide. Combine and/or edit your stitches for even more creativity. All stitches including buttonholes can be embroidered in the hoop. Also create and embroider wonderful taper combinations in the hoop.

PFAFF® accessories included and a wide variety of optional accessories including IDTTM presser feet – 11 different presser feet included for all of your basic needs and many optional accessories from the PFAFF® original presser foot system available to enhance the sewing experience.

Optimized Feeding – Enhanced to provide more control when sewing through thick layers or seaming small pieces.

Start/Stop – Sew without the foot control; makes sewing long seams, free-motion and embroidery easy.

Needle Up/Down – Set needle to stop up or down in the fabric for pivoting, appliqué and more.

Free-motion Modes – Three modes for free-motion quilting, thread painting or darning. Select the best mode for your speci c technique.

Creative signatureTM Sewing Programs:

    - Tapering on all 9mm Decorative Stitches – Taper at the beginning and/or at the end of any stitch. Change the angle of taper for unlimited creative opportunities. You can even embroider wonderful tapers in the hoop.
    - Patchwork Program – Sew your seam and the PFAFF® Creative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine will remember the seam length to repeat over and over. Use with both utility and decorative stitches for special effects.
    - Single Stitch Program – Set exact number of stitches or sequence repeats you wish to sew.
    - Mirror Image of Stitches – Flip the stitch side to side and/or end to end for even more creative possibilities.
    - Stitch Positioning – Moves complete stitch right or left to easily align decorative stitches.
    - Stitch Density – Density can be increased or decreased without affecting stitch length by controlling the distance between the stitch points.

Embroidery Features

Large Embroidery Area – The PFAFF® Creative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine features the largest embroidery area on the market - up to 360x350mm. Embroider your unique, personal creations in one hooping. A smaller embroidery unit is available in some markets. Please contact your local retailer.

Basic Shape CreatorTM feature – Combine decorative stitches or design elements instantly to create truly unique borders and designs. Choose from a variety of distinctive shapes – all built-in, like: stars and owers.

Precise Positioning – Place every embroidery design exactly where you want it. Easily match multiple hoopings to create embroideries of unlimited size.

Increased Embroidery Speed – Now your PFAFF® Creative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine can embroider faster than ever before.

270 Fantastic Embroidery Designs – Your PFAFF® Ceative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine features a variety of specialty embroidery techniques. The built-in designs are grouped into three different categories, machine designs, mini designs and quilting designs.

Cut Jump Stitches – Cuts embroidery jump stitches automatically, pulling threads to the back side.

Creative signatureTM Embroidery Programs:

    - Mirror – Flip designs side to side and/or end to end for even more possibilities.
    - Rotate – Rotate by 1o increments for precise adjustments.
    - Embroidery Design Scale – Enlarge or reduce designs without changing the stitch count.
    - Multi-select and Grouping – Select one or many designs for editing.
    - Embroidery Stitch Editor – Adjust a stitch or a sequence after you’ve brought it into embroidery mode.
    - Color Edit – Change thread colors of the design directly on screen.
    - Monochrome – Stitch any design in a single color without color stops.
    - Basting in the Hoop – Baste fabric to a stabilizer that is already hooped. Also great for velvet fabric with pile or other fabrics that you do not wish to hoop. Two options; baste around the whole hoop or just baste around your design.

Three Built-in Embroidery Fonts – Available in 3 different sizes including upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Auto Save Current State – Set to periodically save embroidery stitch number and position plus automatically save personalized adjustments to continue your embroidery later or if you have a power failure.

Undo/redo in Embroidery Edit – To assist you when creating your embroidery combinations.

Embroidery Unit Storage – Convenient storage compartment built into the embroidery unit keeps bobbins and accessories close at hand*.

Program for Viewing and Organizing Designs – Organize design files saved on your computer, turn designs into image files, print catalogs and more.

Machine Features

New creativeTM Color Touch Screen with Modern and Clear Graphical User Interface – The wide viewing angle ensures great visibility from all angles. The intuitive layout is easy to understand. See stitches in actual size and embroidery designs in true Color on the clear, high resolution display – now with brighter color and higher intensity for maximum precision and ease

Large Sewing Space – The PFAFF® Creative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine is the perfect choice for quilters, home decor sewers, fashion enthusiasts – anyone who creates. The sewing area to the right of the needle is supersized for sewing large amounts of fabric or batting.

LED Lights – Optimized bright lights illuminate the entire work area with no shadows.

Automatic Presser Foot Lift – Raises the presser foot instantly when the needle is set to stop down and/or at the end of a seam after a thread snip.

Electronic Knee-lift – Raises the presser foot with an easy movement, allowing you to keep your hands on your project.

Screen Saver with Start-up Screen – Start-up screen will be displayed as a screen saver ten minutes after last touch.

Separate Bobbin Winding Motor – You can easily wind a bobbin while sewing or embroidering, without having to unthread the needle thread.

Top and Bobbin Thread Sensors – Alert you when bobbin or needle thread is low.

Thread Snips – Automatically cut top and bobbin thread, pulling thread ends to the back side of fabric.

Button Ruler – Use the button ruler on the lid to measure your button, then set buttonhole size and sew as many precise buttonholes as you need.

Jam Proof Rotary Hook – No threads caught in bobbin area.

Quick Help System and Alphabetical Index Help – Touch the quick help icon for instant information or use index help for more built-in advice.

Speed Ranges – Adjust sewing speed and your PFAFF® Creative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine remembers your preferred setting.

Personal Files – Save your personal stitches, sequences or designs in a folder to sew them again whenever you wish.

Personalize Your Sewing Machine – Save your name to the PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machine, select your language and your preferred start stitch; personalize sounds, save favorite stitches and settings etc.

Two Built-in Accessory Trays – Large trays to keep accessories close at hand with removable compartments for presser feet and bobbins.

Updateable – Via the Internet. 


Whats in the Box?

Presser Feet

0A - Standard presser foot with IDT™ system
1A - Fancy stitch foot with IDT™ system
2A - Fancy stitch foot
3 - Blindhem foot 3 with IDT
4 - Zipper foot with IDT™ system
5A - Sensormatic buttonhole foot
5M - Manual buttonhole foot
6A - Embroidery/Sensormatic free-motion foot
6D - Dynamic spring foot
1/4” quilting foot with IDT™ system
8 - Maxi-stitch foot

Other Accessories

Thread net (2)
Edge guide
Felt pad (2)
USB Embroidery stick
Seam ripper
Spool cap, large (2)
Spool cap, medium
Spool cap, small
Multi-purpose tool
Bobbins (10)
Complimentary software (PC) to download
Foot control
Power cord
USB cord
Microfiber cloth
creative™ 4.5 Embroidery collection

5 Year Guarantee - covering parts and labour 
At Frank Nutt Sewing Machines we have an in house servicing and repairs team that are on hand to help. Please see our Machine Repairs page for more details or get in touch on 0121 443 5555 / [email protected]. We can answer any queries and talk you through the servicing and repairs process. 


Please Allow 2-5 Days Delivery.



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